Belgische biercultuur – Live!
La culture de la bière belge, en live!
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Experience the most unique beer culture in the world; it’s so special in fact that it has been officially recognised by UNESCO.

Belgian beer culture - Live!

Discover the treasure trove that is Belgian beer culture with our app. There are around 300 breweries in Belgium, ranging in size from nano-to-mega. Not all of these are open to the public though. Many breweries go back a long way and are now historic monuments that are a ‘must see’ on the list of any beer lover. They can be found in the grounds of abbeys, in beautifully restored farm buildings or in the centre of a village or a town where they blend in seamlessly.

We can show you the way, also to lesser known breweries or those in a remote location.  At those breweries, or in numerous specialty beer cafés dotted around the country, you can taste beers made in traditional Belgian beer styles. To name but a few, these include lambic, old gueuze, old kriek, West Flanders red-brown ale, Oudenaards bruin, saison or white beer as well as the amber ‘spéciale belge’. And how could we forget the iconic Trappist beers and abbey beers as well as a host of new craft beers, IPAs, session ales, soured ales, barrel aged beers and barley wines.


For the beer lover there are unmissable venues in or around each and every town and we will take you there.

Belgians are known for their ‘Burgundian’ lifestyle. In our country you can enjoy fine cuisine inspired by the French but served in generous portions like they do in Germany. We often use beer as an ingredient or enjoy a glass with our meal. Our app will take you to the very best beer restaurants, brasseries and café-diners. Admittedly, if ‘haute cuisine’ makes your heart beat faster, you may have to insist on beer but even in this refined environment, beer is seeping through to the table as it were, albeit in small mouthfuls. Chefs are increasingly drawn to experimenting with the endless range of aromas and flavours hidden in the humblest of local brews.

If you like to have a good supply of beer to enjoy at home, browse one of the beer shops recommended by the app. We have listed beer stores in towns and cities as well as those that are a bit further afield.  All these locations can be found in the app and we will continue to add more.

However, beer culture goes beyond the liquid stuff. A number of beer museums and experiences present the story of Belgian beer in all its variety. Historic breweries often have a brewery museum attached where the focus lies on the history of that particular brewery. You will usually find a bar where you can taste the beer or take part in a beer tasting.

Throughout the year, beer festivals are held all around the country. The youngest beer festivals in the large cities are going for craft whereas the classic events like to stick mostly to the tried and trusted.  The wide range on offer has something for everyone: from budding beer aficionados to beer geeks. Lovers of culture will feast on events such as hop parades, beer blessings or inductions that reflect centuries’ old traditions.

With our app you can quickly locate the hotspots in the beer country of Belgium. You can explore, draw up your own itinerary which is then beautifully displayed on a map of the city. If you like the itinerary you are welcome to share it with your friends too. Let yourself be guided by our app and explore the UNESCO recognised uniqueness that is Belgian beer culture like never before.

It is worth noting that Belgian Beer Culture is evolving every day and that we will try to keep up with any new breweries and beer related hot spots. The initial expert selection will evolve and will change over time; the app is not complete, nor definitive, and it never will be. Moreover this app is the first virtual guide to Belgian Beer Culture developed by the experts and Belgian beer lovers who brought you The Belgian Beer Book and other publications, BeerTourism.com and who organise the North Sea Beer Festival. That said, if you do think we missed somewhere, something or someone then please do feel free to drop us a line with any suggestion and we will check it out.

Cheers and enjoy!

Please do drink responsibly. 18+ years old only.


Having the app is like having a local by your side as you travel throughout Belgium, immersing yourself in its beer and café culture.

  • The app allows you to browse locations across six beery categories then easily create your own trips, or, by using our Trip Generator technology, have them made for you with a push of a button. If your thirsty it can also guide you to the nearest café.
  • The app allows you to plan your trip ahead, or on the fly, and ensures you don’t find the best ‘places to beer’ until the last day of your stay, or not at all...
  • Free to download, use and simple sign up process
  • Benefit from local knowledge and experience
  • Explore locations and do some in-depth planning before your trip
  • Save your favourite places and share your trips
  • Create your own bespoke itinerary or use trip generator to have them made for you
  • No need for expensive tours or a tour guide

(Some extra features available via in-app purchase options)


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